Provence“Provence”, 36x 48, Oil.
The sky is melt into different colors. The tree is burning. Breathing in the lavender smell, you hear the freedom singing.

One day“One day”, 18x 24, Oil.
One day when waves meet clouds in the sky. One day, dreams become to be true in the reality. One day, Holy Spirit blows into our hearts and we receive the harvest. One day, when his hand brought music to the earth, his promises are like rainbows to reach the light… One day, house is not dark anymore but fulfilling by the warm lights.

eternal love qian“Eternal Love”, 30x 40, Oil.
Eternal Love is like a strong and beautiful tree. It is rooted so deep. No one can shake it.

360 Degree qian“360 Degree”, 12x 24, Oil.
I fall in love with deserts with I was a child. It presents as the dreamland to me. Then I started to travel and live in different countries. No matter wherever I am, what language I speak, I turned 360 agree and still belong to the dreamland. From him and go to him.

Stories of children QianStories of Children”, 18×24, Oil.
When our hearts are broken…when our tears drop…when we walk in the darkest night, there is a hand to keep every single pain we had. After all, colors will fulfill the ocean.

Holy spirit (1)“Holy Spirit”, 18×24, Oil.

One day, I touched my guitar and felt the peace flowing on the board. Then, I let my heart, passion and quietness go through my arm, fingers and brushes and dropped into the guitar so that art and music became to be one.

fever Qian    

“Fever”, Oil.
New Year Eve, I had a high fever and lying down in the bed by myself. The cold and hot feeling were going on in my body and soul. All of sudden, the white color came to my mind and I saw the green mountains. That was the hope to hold me up!

Western and Estern 2

Western and Estern“Western and Eastern”
Cultures are different. Languages are different. But we live in one world.
Give special thanks to Trail of Hope.